Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday nite visit

Gramma and Pop came for dinner tonight...big fun for the boys. Gramma never shows up empty handed...fudge pops for all. Check out the coffee filters to catch the, that woman is crafty! Parks ran foot races, pretended to be a bandit (he's into being a bad guy these days...hope it doesn't stick!), and they both hit homeruns. Have I bragged on my homerun hitter? Parks can smack it clear over the fence...Papa Bear is sure proud:)
Off to Fairfield tomorrow, then to LBJ for the rest of the weekend. Hopefully I'll return with pics of the boys with their east TX cousins and all of us relaxing at Horseshoe Bay:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Woke to bad news mom's cousin, Charlotte passed away. We loved going to Fairfield where she lived for visits. I took Parks a couple of times and he LOVED it. Jimmy would take him out on the tractor and around to look at the cows...all of those fun, country things that a city boy misses out on. These are pics from last few summers. Davis never got to go...I'm sorry about that.
We'll miss her and our trips to Fairfield...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last night Daniel built the boys a cave out of pillows. They both immediately wanted to curl up inside with books and a flashlight. This supported my recent argument with my husband that every kid needs a nook...I feel a project coming on:)


This morning was spent with some of our best friends:)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Papa Rock & Parks

Daniel is in Houston, so the boys and I stayed with GG and Papa Rock last night. Papa Rock made good on his promise to teach Parks to shoot a BB gun. Man, he thinks he's BIG STUFF!! Don't read into the target...we were actually big supporters:)
Parks ended the night with his ritual of staying up late with Papa Rock to watch some good old westerns.
That boy loves his Papa Rock!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aunt Joyce's

Everyone loves Aunt Joyce's house. Its the house we gather at for Christmas, Easter, and many summer gathers for food, fun & swimming. Its casual, laid back and always welcoming...anytime.
I hope that our house is the "Aunt Joyce" house one day.
The Hatters joined us today for brauts and hot dogs on the grill. Gramma & Pop were there so the boys presented them with their hand painted anniversary cards...they were so proud:) Parks followed through (kind of) on his promise to jump off the diving board...he compromised when bribed with a treat and went off from the sitting position. He did jump off of the slide (which is really almost as high as the convincing him of that!). Davis was fearless as usual and even jumped in fully clothed in his PJs and no floatie...luckily Daddy was there. Good times...

Friday, August 21, 2009


I've started a new little project in an attempt to get myself from under this dark cloud of guilt I have that I'm not doing a better job of documenting my children's I the only one who looses sleep worrying about this? I've found that I do take many, many pics but the pressure of photoshopping and being clever keeps me from posting or scrapbooking the memories...dumb, huh? So, I'm giving up the photo editing and the need to be super witty and cute and am just posting a "pic a day" as a type of journal for me. The hope is I will be able to look back and see what in the world we spend our time doing each day.
I love my life...especially the everyday-ness of it. You know that song "just another day in paradise"...that's me. I hope to keep up and download into a book for me to have and share with boys. So far, I've never kept up with a goal involving scrapbooking or journaling...wish me luck!
So...if you happen to be a reader, expect NO wit or dazzling pics. This is us everyday...just as we are:)

Happy Anniversary Gramma & Pop!

Today we spent the morning painting anniversary cards for Gramma and Pop...39 years and counting!

Thurs - At the house

Thursday was my day to "regroup"...we've been at GG's all week, which left my house piling up with to-dos. While cleaning up, I went to wipe off a mark on the wall...MISTAKE! That just showed how incredibly filthy the rest of the wall was. So...we spent the morning scrubbing the walls...not much of a task with these 2 helpers:) Add ImageWe also spent some time "hand watering" out in the back yard...we're on water restrictions, so I made sure we were legit:)

See how exciting my life is? :) I'm not Mom says, " I love my boring life!"

The afternoon was actually exciting. We went to play with our new friends, Jackson & Allie. Jackson is 5 and a rockstar in Parks' eyes. He has cool toys...all the Star Wars stuff. I sense a new obsession...Add Image

Wed - Sea World!

We are kicking ourselves for not taking more advantage of our season passes to Sea World. We trekked out there Wednesday with our friends and had a ball...especially at the waterpark. This is the last week for it to be open...bummer!
Then we were off to GG and Papa Rock's for one last evening with the cousins and Aunt Frannie before they headed back to Houston to pack up for their big move to Kansas:(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Surprise, I'm not the best blogger. Here goes my next attempt at keeping up...

Tonight we returned home from a long day at GG's with the cousins to find a BIG SURPRISE on the porch...a belated birthday gift from the Rubiolas...and man, was it ever a good one! All Parks could say was "WOW!!!" as Davis stood closely by eyeing the new toy. As soon as it was out of the box, the boys headed out back (at 9:30!!!) to chop down trees. Perfect gift! As Jen said, in response to my thank you text, "what boy wouldn't love a chainsaw?".