Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meet Baby Lucy

Check out Parks with his own Baby Lucy. About 3 weeks ago, he picked this little bunny out to be his baby. I'm not sure why the bunny is the "chosen one" because he has at least a million choices. One night he showed up with the bunny wrapped up in one of Davis' burp cloths saying, "This is my baby!" We figured it was a fleeting thing, but he is still taking care of her:) Daniel convinced him that the baby needed a name, but no suggestion from Daddy was good enough. Finally, he decided that the name would be Baby Lucy...his BFF Katelyn's baby sister's name is Lucy, so I think it is SOOOO SWEET he thought of that!! He doesn't lug the bunny around all the time (thank goodness!), but he always puts her some place safe and goes to check on her from time to time. He'll put her in the exersaucer or the baby swing, and I'll hear him say, "I'll be right back." About a week ago, I kept noticing Parks' wastebasket in Davis' room. I just kept putting it back where it belongs. That mystery was solved when one day Parks told me, " Be VERY quiet, Baby Lucy is sleeping!" When I went to put something in Davis' room, I saw the wastebasket back in there with the baby nestled down in the bottom of it...its no longer a trashcan, but her bed! I forgot about this the other day and was scolded when I tried to put some trash in it:) It is so sweet how gentle he is with her...I love to watch him. He asked me if I wanted to hold her one day, then he told me, "but you have to be VERY careful!"

This little story and memory is not probably as exciting for Dad as maybe hitting his first homerun will be, but this just so much speaks to Parks' character. He is so gentle, kind and compassionate. He might lash out every once in a while, but he always feels genuinely bad when he knows he's upset someone. Sometimes we worry about how he will handle the usual playground/locker room banter when he gets older, but hopefully we will be able to help him thicken his skin just enough to not let it hurt...I definitely don't want him to loose that soft heart of his:)