Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the verge...

Davie-Doo is REAL impressed with his new trick...standing! How about that? He really knows he is doing something can tell by his super-big grin:) He's been doing this standing thing (not from the ground up yet...he has to start by holding on to something then letting go...does that make sense?) for a week or so now. Well, today I tried holding his hand...just the one...and letting him walk beside me. He walked all the way down the hallway to music class at church this morning!!! He was all ready to make his big entrance and impress all of his little friends, but when we FINALLY turned the one was there!!! First time in my life I've ever been early anywhere. Maybe next time! I'm betting that this boy is taking his first step sometime in the next two weeks...I'll keep you all posted:)

Family Heirloom

Check out this super cute little desk that my boys got handed down to them! It came from my mom's first cousin, M' was hers when she was a little girl. M'liss lives in Hawaii, but was here visiting her step mother. While here, she came across the desk in her SM's attic or garage and thought the boys might like it. She really wanted to keep it in the family. Well, let me tell you...the desk is a HIT! Parks has all of his crayons, markers, stamps, etc... tucked away in it and feels so "grown up" sitting there working. What a treasure! We will take good care of it and pass it on along when the time comes:)

Welcome Aunt Tasha

Big News! We have a new Aunt:) Johnny and Tasha FINALLY tied the knot, and what a lovely affair it was! It was a wonderful fall theme with hay bales and pumpkins everywhere. The weather and the scenery could not have been any more fabulous. And, of course, they had the most handsome ring bearer EVER!!! He was so, so, so, so cute and took his job very true Parks fashion:) He was reluctant at rehearsal, but when the big moment came, he was ON! He was almost at the end of the aisle when those darn slippery shoes tripped him up. Yep, he fell all the way down...poor guy! He picked himself immediately up, but was embarrassed and just crumbled as he finished his way to his designated spot. Thankfully, Daddy was there to pick him up and comfort him. He got over it quickly and returned to his duties. Throughout all of the wedding festivities, Parks and the flower girl, Mackenzie, were busy becoming most enamoured with one another. By the time the reception hit, they thought they had gotten married and didn't let each other out their sights!! It was just adorable...they slowed danced all night and left the dance floor only to share a piece of wedding cake:)
I wish I had a pic of Parks with the bride...if I get my hands on one, I will be sure to post. Thanks to G.G. and Papa Rock who took over Davis duty for most of the weekend so that we could stay later and focus more on the wedding!

Catch Up!!!

Catch Up!!!, originally uploaded by amyezunker.

You know how you get so behind on something that you don't know where to start to catch up? Well, that's me with this blog...5 months behind! I do have somewhat of an excuse though...for those of you that don't know, there is another Baby Z around here these can check out the newest addition here. This new baby has taken up a lot of the last 5 or 6 months. My task now is to CATCH UP here with the goings on with the boys. Here goes:

*Went to Mexico in July with BFFs and family...BLAST!
*Parks turned 3 in July.
*Davis turned 1 in September.
*Been to many Aggie games in September and October.
*Started back to school in September...Parks LOVES it, Davis tolerates it.
*Got a new aunt when Uncle Johnny and Tasha married last week...Parks was ring've NEVER seen anything cuter (more on this later).

There, now that's a quick and dirty run down of the high points of the past few months. Now I can go back to posting the day-to-day events of our household:)