Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If you give a boy a box...

it will become a fort...LOVE THAT!!!!

Johnny & Tasha's New Digs

We're lucky...Uncle Johnny and Aunt Tash bought 22 acres, and our boys LOVE being out there in the country...I mean LOVE!!! We've been out there several times while they are re-doing the house that is on the property...they are basically gutting the whole thing and starting over. They work quick and I love to see the progress with each visit. The boys just love roaming around and riding in their "hunting vehicle." They help Grandma gather firewood, throw rocks (Davis clocked Parks in the head last gotta watch that boy!), pretend to shoot things with their guns and just have a ball. Its quite a drive, but I think we'll be pretty regular visitors:)

17 Months

At 17 mts, Davis is:
**finally off his knees and walking upright...this happened over the holidays.
**in an intensive VOCABULARY BOOT CAMP that we've started around here since the boy won't talk. Since boot camp has started, he now says: APPLE, NITE-NITE, PAPA, HI, BYE, BALL, MAMA, DADA, and POW!! (he says this while pointing his favorite toy at you...his completely inappropriate pistol). Not much, but making progress and does finally seem somewhat interested (when he wants to be!!)
**always snotty...Daddy's to blame for those allergies, not me!
**cracking us up all day...he is so funny and HARD HEADED...where did he get that!?!?
**pretty go with the flow and laid back...unless he gets ticked, then watch out! He is a head butter (is that how you spell that??..seems weird??). He'll either butt you, or the floor. Mimi says he comes by this honestly...from Papa Rock:)
**tough, tough, tough as nails. He got his 15 mt shots last week (I know, bad mom for being late on that!!)...3 shots in a row and didn't bat an eye. He tumbles often and knocks himself pretty good, but rarely carries on for long.
**stingy with the hugs and kisses, but still sweet as can be and getting I got 3 kisses:)
**doing better with the school routine, but wants me to be the first mama to pick up or he gets mad waiting once the other moms start coming in.
**still loves his froggy. We left him at school one night on accident, and he was genuinely sad.
**sleeps like a champ...bed by 8 and sleeps until 7:30.
**finally sitting still to listen to a book...he really likes books these days...yeah!!
**goes to the kitchen and brings you a bowl if he's hungry or a cup if he wants juice. I guess this is easier than actually asking for them...

Be Mine

We spent today preparing for Parks' Valentine's party at school tomorrow. We like that homemade touch...except the little heart cakes, of course:) We will be spending our Valentine's in Corpus with Becca, Wade and Jack-Jack...boys playing golf and girls at the romantic:)

Cutest Cowboy E-V-E-R!!!

Papa Rock scored us some tickets to Taylor Swift Tuesday, so off to the rodeo we went. Parks got all duded up and man, was he proud of those boots and hat. He had fun checking everything out, but I can tell you this...he will NOT be entering the mutten busting anytime soon...maybe Davis:) While he did enjoy the show, he spent most of the ride home talking about how he didn't like "those baby cows getting roped like that"...G.G., in her wisdom, compared it to a football player getting tackled...all part of the game. He felt better with that explanation and has spent today running around with his make shift rope roping imaginary calves:)