Thursday, February 28, 2008

The binky fairy has come and gone...

A couple of weeks ago, we decided that it was time for Parks to give up his binky. He's always only wanted it for naps and bedtime...I didn't realize he NEEDED it for naptime and bedtime! We did the whole binky fairy thing where we put the binkies outside his door for the binky fairy to take to "the babies"...this worked well, especially since the binky fairy was leaving some pretty good little treats. He didn't seem to mourn the actual binky much, but he did have trouble falling asleep...this was new for us because God blessed up with good sleepers (thanks for that!!) The first few nights he thought of every excuse for us to come back in...water, music back on, cover his baby up, ect... When he ran out of excuses, the crying began. Poor guy just couldn't soothe himself with out his binky!! As you can see from the picture, he came up with creative ways to spend his time while trying to fall asleep. I went in to check on him one afternnon, thinking he was asleep since it had been so quiet for so long...WRONG!! He completely unstuffed his baseball pillow. I couldn't be mad...he almost never destroys things...who could blame him??!?! He's now adjusted and doesn't even seem tempted by his brother's binkies anymore...what a big boy:)

First tooth, first cereal

When Daniel told me the other night that he felt a tooth coming in Davis' mouth, I didn't think that it could be. I wasn't expecting that for at least a couple of months...Parks' first tooth didn't come until he was 8 months old. I had to check it out for myself, and he was right...a little baby tooth poking through! That explained his fussiness...must admit I'm glad there was an explanation and not a personality change on my sweet, laid back boy:)

I guess since the boy has teeth coming in we should introduce him to some solid food. Funny how you put this off with the second child. We couldn't wait to feed Parks his first "real meal", who has the time??? Pop a bottle in his mouth and DONE...I know, we're awful! Anyway, Davis enjoyed his rice cereal and big brother enjoyed helping out with feeding him.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Davis

Davis is super busy growing these days. He turned 5 months old on Valentine's Day. What a sweet guy he is!! He just likes to sit and smile at whoever is looking at him. These days he is:

***loving his exersaucer...whoever came up with these things is GENIUS!!!!

***smiling when BIG BROTHER comes around.

***learning to turn over from stomach to back...he actually did this for the first time on Christmas Eve (on accident!!), but has only done it a very few times since he's on a mission!!

***finding his cute when he squeals with delight and coos. Sometimes he looks at you and talks back like he is really saying something (I guess he is!!).

***laughing out loud, but only REALLY belly laughs for Daddy so far (that I know of).

***weighing 16 lbs. 3 oz. at last week's doctor appt.

***fully recovered from last week's stomach virus that he passed on to all of us...yuck!!

***eating 7 oz of formula every 3 or so hours.

***sleeping like a CHAMP...bed at 8:30 PM, up around 6-6:30 AM to eat, back to sleep until around 8...THAT'S MY BOY!!!!

***loving his little play gym that he lays under.

***grabbing whatever he can and jamming it in his mouth...especially the purple fish on his exersaucer.

What a special guy! How we hit the jackpot twice is beyond me, but we sure feel blessed that we did!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Boy LOVES the snow!!!

We spent most of last week with the Zunker family in Breckenridge, CO...what a good time! We left Davis here with G.G. and Papa Rock (thanks for that, Mom!!!). We figure he can make it with us next year:) We didn't know what Parks would think of the snow, but he just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!! He was adorable all bundled up...he never even felt the cold. We put him on skis the first day...we wasn't so keen on that. He preferred just running around and falling down in the snow. We put him back on the skis later in the day and Uncle Johnny and Daddy pushed him back and forth a bit...he tolerated it, but was definitely not ready to hit the slopes! The place we stayed was perfect...right there at one of the main lifts. That worked out well because we could kind of take turns staying down with Parks while the rest of us skied. I'm a fair-weathered skier, so when the snow and wind came, I was GLAD to have Parks as an excuse to stay off the mountain! It was a great trip...thanks Grandma and Pop!!! Parks had a blast making snowballs to throw at us, making snow angels, building and talking to his snowman, Harold (yeah...that's what he named him...not sure where that came from???), eating the snow (yuck, but couldn't stop him!!!), sledding with Daddy, pulling the sled around ("come on, sled!!!"), riding the "gon-go-la", and just hanging out with his fam:)

No more diapers...its POTTY TIME!

Look at my BIG BOY!! Its all about potty time right now at our house. We jumped right in about 2 weeks ago...all was going well, but we all got side-lined with a stomach virus and then went skiing. It was back to diapers for a bit, but now full-steam ahead with the potty training! If Daniel and I (mostly me!!!) are vigilant, we are almost 100%, but Parks has not yet been consistent with asking to go...hopefully that will kick in soon! Doing good, big guy...Momma's proud! Thanks to Aunt Frannie for the big boy undies:)

OK...I'm in!

I remember the days when I used to roll my eyes at the very thought of people posting pics and entries into their blogs...(blog...what's that?!?!) Fast forward a couple of years and here I am ~ the self-proclaimed techno-idiot diving into modern technology! I must admit that I stalk the blogs of my few friends that have them, and I REALLY like knowing what is going on with them. Life is just too hurried these days, and I feel that this keeps me up to date with the lives of those I care about. Now that I have Parks (2 1/2) and Davis (5 can that be already?!?!), I find that I have NO time to document all of the wonderous and fun things my boys are doing each day...much less find time to send out emails and pics to my friends and family that ask about them all of the time. is my conclusion: posting the goings-on and pics from life in the Zunker household and having them out there for all who cares to read covers me. Friends and family can check in when they want to, I get to show off my boys (CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! bit biased, maybe??), and I can copy Nicole's idea of printing out the entries and putting them in a scrapbook to keep as my own personal journal! I'm pretty excited:) Now, here is the catch...if I'm as good with keeping this blog updated as I am with my scrapbooking, you can expect to read this entry and then another around next Christmas:) Kidding...I hope!!