Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where did my baby boy go??????

I've heard it a trillion times, but I now know what everyone means...they DO grow up soooooo fast! Parks is only 2 1/2, but I can already envision him packing up for college...crazy, I know. Any mom out there gets where I coming from. Let me just brag for a minute on my boy...he is smart as a whip. A few recent examples:

*He can sing his ABC's perfectly, and even ends with the "now I know my ABC's song"...this is good for 2, right??!

*The other night in the tub, Davis was chewing on a foam shaped 2. Parks said, "Davis is learning the number 2" did he know that was a 2?!?!?

*Yesterday we made our rounds of birthday parties. One of the favors was a magnetic fishing set. He's had fun playing with it. This morning he went and got some of his Thomas trains to fish for. Not so brilliant to the untrained eye, but he had made the connection that if the fishing magnet can pick up these fish that have magnets, they must be able to pick up the trains that also have magnets. See...brilliant!! (Whoever is reading this better not be rolling their eyes!!!)

Parks really is something else...he is constantly saying something that makes us go, "How in the world did he know that!?!?" I really can't remember when he couldn't talk, and I swear that his brain is always ticking. He studies everything so closely and asks questions all the time that show us that he's thinking.

Aside from his obvious brilliance:), he is pretty much a regular 2 year old. "NO!!" is his favorite word...Daddy is actually running a boot camp today to address this...good luck!! He has become somewhat of a finicky eater...what he loves today, he might not touch tomorrow. A few of his favs are steak, any fruit, and G.G.'s oatmeal. He won't touch most any veggie, except corn on the cob and sometimes a pea or two. He's addicted to cartoons...Oswald being his favorite, followed by Little Bill and Max & Ruby. We try to leave the TV off because he goes into a catatonic state while watching and throws a fit when you change it...even if its been on for hours!!!

We adore this little guy and love watching him grow up...just don't grow up too fast, Parks!

We love our G.G.

How lucky we are that we have all of our grandparents right here in town! I love that the boys are going to grow up knowing them all so well. They spend every Monday with G.G. and Papa Rock while I'm at work. Grandma and Pop pick them up from school on Wednesdays, so they get to spend that afternoon with them each week. We are so fortunate to have such great family...that they are so close is such a bonus! This pic is from our Easter weekend...definitely going in a frame:)


Parks really enjoys spending time with his cousins. They are always so sweet to both of the boys and are so patient with them. They always remember them at special times, too. For Valentine's Day, they sent them each a little snuggly toy and some candy for Parks. For Easter, they brought them cute little bunnies and chocolate rabbits. Right after we got back to SA from our Easter weekend, Parks and Davis got a note in the mail from Ella with a little book...what a surprise!!! Thanks, made Parks' day:) We're looking forward to spending more time together over the summer...swimming, hanging out, and maybe Sea World???? Fun times to come!

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

We spent Easter in Bryan with G.G., Papa Rock, Mimi, Lee, Frannie and the cousins. Before we left on Friday, Parks had fun painting paper eggs to give out. He decided that he wanted to give them to Aunt Frannie, Mimi and Reville (Mimi's dog). I thought he might decide later that the 3rd egg should go to G.G., but no dice...he really wanted Rev to have that egg!

Parks loves being outside, so Mimi's house is great. She lives right on the golf course...plenty of room to run and lots people to watch. It was a beautiful weekend, so alot of time was spent on the back porch. Ella, Sam and Lauren came from Houston on Saturday. Parks LOVES his cousins!!! Every night when he says his prayers, he includes them...and their dog, Buddy:) We spent Saturday night celebrating Dad's birthday and hanging out together. G.G. gave the kids all a little Easter gift, and scored big with the flashlight that straps onto your head. Parks was so cute running around the dark golf course with it on.

Sunday morning we awoke to gifts from the Easter bunny. Parks got a wheelbarrow and yard tools (which he loves, by the way...has been helping Daddy all this weekend with them!)...he also got a load of candy. Why does the Easter bunny bring so much candy??? Think he'd be smarter than that by now...especially since I eat it all!!! Davis got a stuffed bunny, a book and some other little goodies. He especially likes a little squeeze bunny that he chewed on (hope its not from China!!!). Of course, we had an Easter egg hunt out back. Parks found a golden egg with money in it...jackpot! He solicited his father's help with negotiating a trade for candy with his cousins...a Trump in the making:) **Side note here...the little guy really does like money...actually jumps up and down when someone gives him some change. He will rob me right in front of my face..."gonna get your money to put in my bank." He takes the money to his room, wrestles his stepping stool in place so that he can climb up and add it to his little baseball bank. Gets that saving gene from Daddy!!**After the big hunt, we went to brunch at the club and ate way too much. Enjoyed seeing Pam and Billy there. The boys were pretty well behaved. We set Parks next to Ella...for some reason he listens to her...she might have to move in with us! Francesca says their little relationship works out well because he listens to her, and she likes to boss people around...perfect match!

Great weekend...the only bummer was that Mimi had a terrible cold. I've never seen this woman sick! She rested for most of the weekend, so we missed getting to visit with her. She wasn't even able to make it to brunch with us after she did all of the arranging:( Hopefully she is feeling better by can't keep Mimi down long!