Friday, November 28, 2008

The Reluctant Pilgrim

Parks had his first little school program last week...something I've really been looking forward to! He can be a bit anxious about things, so I was a tad worried about how he would do when all eyes were on him. Well...check out the series of pics and you can see that the anxiety boiled over in his classroom BEFORE the performance when his teacher got him all dressed up for the show. The next several pics document where it all went wrong...started strong...missed the "sit down" cue and then crumbled. Teacher removed him from bleachers to console...tried 2 more spots to in his other teacher's lap. At the end of it all, he was just fine and felt he was the best pilgrim in the show. Ya know what...he was:)

First Haircut

OK...I feel a bit bullied, but I gave in...the boy did kind of need a haircut. I was dreading this a bit because I remember that after the first haircut, Parks looked ready for can they look so much older with that little change in appearance?!?! G.G. went with me...I wasn't sure how it would go...Davis isn't the "sit still" type of kid that big brother was at this age. Well...he did GREAT! We went to the great new place right by the house. He got to sit in this super cool airplane and watch a video...he loved it!
And, yes...he looks like he's going into 2nd grade, all of the sudden:(

Big Game Hunter

Big news and big anticipation around here as Parks geared up for his first "hunting" trip last week. Papa Rock, Daniel and Parks camo-ed up and headed south to the deer camp for some "man time." Papa Rock was briefed before the trip that he was allowed to shoot Bambi...if, and only if, it was the buck of a lifetime...even then, he would be financially accountable for all of the necessary therapy to get Parks past the event (he is a VERY sensitive soul:). Well, Parks had a BLAST!!!! He got to ride on the high-up hunting truck (what do you call those things?!?!), sit in the blind and watch deer, roast marshmallows on the fire, and play with a few dead birds that Daniel shot (this actually shocked me that it didn't bother him...maybe he has some of that hunting blood yet!!). The trip was a hit...I think Papa Rock was a bit disappointed that Parks was way more interested in collecting rock and sticks then shooting a BB gun...don't fret, Papa Rock...he's only 3!!! There was one minor incident involving a splinter in Parks finger that occured (he reported to me that he was "very brave"...bit different from the report I received from Daniel and Papa Rock that he scared off all deer within 3 counties...), but other than that came home unscathed and ready to head back!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Check out our super scary pirate and our little playmaker! We had to snap quick to get pics with Davis' pirate hat on...Park on the other hand want to wear his costume 24/7...cleats, eye black, shoulder pads, and all! He actually still has on the eye black from 2 nights ago...we're really not sure of a pain-free way to remove them. I guess we'll wait until they rot off:)

We spent the evening at our neighbor's house with good were cuter than cute! We did manage to do a bit of trick-or-treating with the Hatters, but not much because Parks kept whining to go home...that's our boy!!!

Carving Jack

I love fall...this is just one of the reasons why:)

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch, originally uploaded by amyezunker.

Last Sunday we made the hour trek with G.G. out to Medina to check out this pumpkin patch I've heard so much about. I must admit I was regretting the plans that morning, due to all of the "fun" had at Allison's party the night before. But once we got out there, I was pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in this Norman Rockwell type setting with pumpkins, ponies, food vendors and hayrides...I loved it! It was a fantastic afternoon with lots to see and do: Parks rode a pony...I couldn't believe he actually did it (he's known to balk at the last minute on things like this!), they held a baby chicken...poor chicken, ate some good ol' festival food on quaint little picnic tables, danced indian-style around inside of a teepee, wandered a maze made of hay bales, and lastly...picked out a couple of pumpkins for carving:)