Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365...52??

Let's try this again...a pic a day??? Ok...a better goal for me might be Project 52 (or however many weeks there are in a year??) with a pic a week:) 1 pic: How we roll on New Year's Eve...home in our pjs, just us. Candlelit dinner of salmon, asparagus and saffron rice, which my family DEVOURED...the salmon was Parks' request. We even had kiddie champagne (diet 7 up) for the boys to toast to the new year...notice the margarita glasses...we don't have plastic champagne ones:)

Fun night and Daniel and I even made it until midnight...I think its been a few years since we've accomplished that! We did have champagne on hand, but didn't bother to pop it since we were already in bed and watching The lame are we!?!?

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