Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday nite visit

Gramma and Pop came for dinner tonight...big fun for the boys. Gramma never shows up empty handed...fudge pops for all. Check out the coffee filters to catch the, that woman is crafty! Parks ran foot races, pretended to be a bandit (he's into being a bad guy these days...hope it doesn't stick!), and they both hit homeruns. Have I bragged on my homerun hitter? Parks can smack it clear over the fence...Papa Bear is sure proud:)
Off to Fairfield tomorrow, then to LBJ for the rest of the weekend. Hopefully I'll return with pics of the boys with their east TX cousins and all of us relaxing at Horseshoe Bay:)

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Nicole said...

Pants? Who needs pants? Mine almost always eat "disrobed" too!